How do you eat your pizza? Mine, with a fork and a knife!

Apparently, the World Wide Web is debating whether it is wrong or not to eat a pizza with a fork and a knife. I managed to survive 30 years without knowing anything about this world’s great argument. That was until last year at least, when a friend caught me eating my pizza with a fork and a knife –as I always do, unless there is no fork or knife to be found anywhere close by. Our conversation took a 180-degree turn with him lecturing me about how unacceptable it is for me to eat my pizza with cutlery. My friend tried to convince me that a pizza is meant to be eaten with our 10 fingers. He couldn’t understand where I was coming from, and I couldn’t grasp why he was fuming in the first place. So, I decided to go to my happy place and finish eating my pizza… with a fork and a knife!

Later on that night, the same friend sent me a Facebook message with a YouTube link to the Seinfeld “Snickers bar” episode just to prove how ridiculous people who eat pizzas with a fork and a knife look.

Well, the only thing he accomplished that night was to inspire my blog name because I won’t ditch my fork and knife anytime soon.


Pizza fork and knife logo icon

When designing my ‘pizza fork and knife’ logo icon, I envisioned a woman with my wit and personality, but never wished for her to be my exact self-portrait. As a matter of fact, the first question that popped into people’s heads when I unveiled my logo was: “Great logo Hermine, but is she supposed to look like you?” My answer was simple: YES and NO. She’s both a self and a universal representation of the woman I am today, but I feel other women can relate to her story and recognize themselves in her as well.

Whether you’re on team ‘fork and knife’ or on team ‘fingers’, it would give me great pleasure if when looking at my ‘pizza fork and knife’ logo, you would immediately think: “this is the kind of woman who obviously eats her pizza with a fork and a knife.

Let’s settle this debate over a pizza, shall we? Especially a Neapolitan pizza, my favorite. We all know there will always be those who eat their pizzas with cutlery and the greasy finger enthusiasts. At the end of the day, we are all pizza lovers.

Here’s the link to the Seinfeld “Snickers bar” episode. Enjoy: click here to watch the YouTube video